The Museum of Idaho keeps parading in the experts to talk about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Peter Flint, who’s authored many books on the scrolls, talked about the
difficulty of piecing together 25,000 fragments from 900 scrolls. He
says for the first time, scholars were able to compare the ancient
texts to the accuracy of today’s bible. Flint says after thousands of
years of handwriting or printing bibles, it’s amazing that the scrolls
prove modern bibles 99 percent accurate to the original.

Dr. Flint has traveled to museums all over the world and is very impressed with the Museum of Idaho.

Flint, Ph.D: “Idaho Falls is quite a small town but the museum has a
big vision — I like places with a big vision and, thinking of the
scrolls and the oldest bibles, what could be bigger than that; they are
our very basis of western civilization.”

The doctor will be
speaking tomorrow at 7 pm, at the Trinity Methodist Church next door to
the museum. His topic of discussion will be Jesus and the Da Vinci

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