The Museum of Idaho will be open to
the public this holiday weekend on Friday and Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00
pm, and on Easter Sunday, April 8th, from noon to 5.00pm. 
The exhibit, “Ink & Blood: Dead Sea Scrolls to the King James
Bible,” is shaping up to be the most popular exhibit to date, with
almost 4,000 enthusiastic visitors each week.  And since this weekend
is a family-oriented holiday, the museum has decided to remain open for
the enjoyment of families spending the weekend together. 

to the exhibit are available at $6 for Adults, $4 for kids 4-17 years
old, or $19 for the whole family.  For further information about the
exhibit or the Museum of Idaho, please call (208) 522-1400, x3003.

story: KPVI