February 19, 2007– On February 21 the Museum of
Idaho will be presenting Dr. Don Parry, who will be speaking on the Dead Sea
Scrolls and the Great Isaiah Scroll.  Dr.
Parry, a professor at Brigham Young University Provo, will speak at
door to the Museum of Idaho) on Wednesday, February 21st, at 7.00pm.

Dr. Donald W. Parry, with a
Ph.D. from the University of Utah, is a Professor of the Hebrew Bible at
Brigham  Young  University in Provo.  He is a member of the international team of
translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He is also a member of several
professional societies, including the Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Society, the
Society for Biblical Literature, the International organization for the Study
of the Old Testament, and the national association for Professors of Hebrew.

Tickets to Dr. Parry’s
presentation are available for $5 for Adults and $3 for Children.