Documentaries by the curatorial staff of Ink & Blood: Dead Sea Scrolls to the English Bible will be shown at the Museum of Arts and Science in Daytona Beach daily!

The films include:

Dead Sea Scrolls: The Greatest Archeological Discovery

by William H. Noah, Founder and Chief Curator of Ink & Blood

The mysterious and controversial Dead Sea Scrolls are considered the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. This timely and easy-to-understand documentary is a scholary achievement exploring the secrets of the these scrolls and ending the controversies.


Breaking the Code: The Da Vinci Code

by Barry F. Sullivan, Associate Curator of Ink & Blood

Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene actually married? Did Da Vinci hide clues in his artwork identifying Mary  Magdalene as the ‘true’ Holy Grail? Can the Bible be trusted as an accurate historic document? This presentation explores these questions and many more!


William Tyndale: His Life and Legacy

by William H. Noah, Founder and Chief Curator of Ink & Blood

An award winning documentary on the life of William Tyndale who translated and printed a forbidden book — the English Bible. In so doing, he created the modern English language we speak today.

Admission to the films is included with admission to the the Museum of Arts and Science.

Film Schedule: 

Monday through Saturday – 11 am, Dead Sea Scrolls (45 min); 1 pm, The Da Vinci Code (25 min); 3 pm, William Tyndale (60 min).  On Wednesdays at 1 pm, a lecture will be presented instead of the film.  See the calendar of upcoming events for information on the lectures.

Sunday – 1 pm, The Da Vinci Code (25 min); 2 pm, Dead Sea Scrolls (45 min); and 3 pm, William Tyndale (60 min).

All films are available for purchase in the museum’s store or in the Ink & Blood online store!