The story of how the text of the Bible has been
written and disseminated over the centuries is recounted in a new
exhibition at the Florida International Museum that boasts artifacts as
rare and priceless as they come, among them bits of the Dead Sea
Scrolls, a fragment of the Gospel of John dating to about 250 A.D., a
1455 Gutenberg Bible and a first edition of the King James version from

The exhibit’s founder and chief curator, William
H. Noah, isn’t a biblical scholar but a pulmonary physician who lives
near Nashville He said a personal interest in the history of the sacred
text led him to study it and assemble a collection that opened in
Tennessee a year ago called Ink & Blood: Dead Sea Scrolls to the English Bible.

“I had traveled the world researching this for
years and was just curious,” Noah said. “You get all these extreme
views (of the Bible) from different groups, and as I started to
research this I found that the real academic view was an incredible

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