Authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments are just one part of an
extraordinary display of rare ancient Biblical manuscripts and historic Bibles
traveling the country. This once-in-a-lifetime exhibit, known officially as Ink
& Blood: Sacred Treasures of the Bible, contains fragments from the Dead
Sea Scrolls, including portions of Genesis and Isaiah, and numerous Bibles
including a medieval manuscript Wyclif Bible from the 15th Century, the first
translation of the Holy Book into English.

Some of the other rare items include several 5,000-year-old
pictographic clay tablets from ancientMesopotamia,
the earliest form of writing in history, and a 2,600-year-old scroll containing
the oldest known Hebrew writing on papyrus in the world and the earliest known
written example of the Hebrew name for God, Elohim. The exhibit also features a
working replica of Gutenberg’s press, the greatest invention of the millennium,
as well as on-site historians, multimedia presentations and scheduled lectures
given by visiting scholars.

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