LexTran instituted increased security measures to coincide
with the raise of the national terror alert level.

The ancient dead sea scrolls exhibit at
‘s Heritage
Hall is also under heightened security. In a coincidence, the man in charge of
the exhibit just came back from

a few days ago, and nearly stayed longer, which might have put him on one of
those bombed trains.

Craig Salazar woke up around 4:30 a.m. Thursday since he is
still operating on

time. He flipped on the television and took in the horror. “Watching this
was devastating for me,” he said.

Salazar said it was devastating for several reasons. First,
he realized he could have been one of the victims if he had extended his stay
as planned. Then, the sheer desperation of the situation set in – he knows very
well what it was like on one of those trains at rush hour.

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