“There are no atheists in fox holes.”


      That quote has been attributed to various modern military heroes from Patton to Eisenhower. Its origin remains uncertain, but the fact remains that religion and the military have gone hand in hand for a long time. A special exhibit added to the Ink & Blood display incorporating soldiers’ Bibles from the American Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom brings this correlation to life.


      “Bibles used to be Government Issue,” said Dr. Bill Noah, curator for the museum exhibit on display now at the Lexington Center . “Some of the Bibles in this unique exhibit reflect that, including one given to Confederate POWs during the Civil War. The exhibit also includes Bibles from every major military action the U.S.
has been involved in since the Revolution.”


      The Soldier Bible display features almost 30 Bibles and historical documents regarding the military and the Bible. It will be part of the larger Ink & Blood exhibit through July 6.


      “As a special incentive to active and former military personnel, we’re offering a discount on admission to take in the two exhibits,” said Noah. “On July 4, all active military personnel in uniform or those who can show proof of current or former enlistment will be admitted for only $7—half of the regular weekday adult admission price.


      “It will be a great way to celebrate the nation’s birthday. Watch the parade downtown, visit Ink & Blood afterward, and then enjoy the fireworks display.”


      For more information, call 1-877-33BIBLE or visit www.InkAndBlood.com. Regular tickets prices for the exhibition range from $10 to $16. Purchase tickets in advance via the Ink & Blood website or the toll-free number and receive $2 off the regular price of admission. Children under eight years old will be admitted free. Special group rates are available for school and church groups.