Bible Exhibition holds special display of the 10 Commandments

Ink & Blood, the largest and most comprehensive museum exhibition on the history of the Bible in the world, announced today a special display of Bibles focusing on the Ten Commandments. Beginning Saturday February 26 and running through March 7, the exhibit will offer what it is calling “10 Commandments – 10 Languages – 10 Days.”

Dr. William H. Noah, Curator of the exhibition, and Associate Curator F. J. “Rusty” Maisel have acquired the display from various collectors from around the world. The Bibles are on loan for this limited appearance. Ten Bibles will be displaying the 10 Commandments in 10 languages for all patrons to see. 

The Ten Commandments will be presented in the languages of Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish, English, Italian, Welsh, Burmese, German, and Konkomba—a native dialect of the Ghana and Togo. The Bibles presented are both historic and contemporary. The Italian Bible is a 1562 edition printed in Geneva, Switzerland. Interestingly, this edition was printed in Switzerland because it was illegal at the time to print an Italian Bible in Italy. The Welsh Bible is a large, black-letter, folio edition from 1620 and is the first edition of the standard Welsh Bible. The Burmese Bible is an 1840 edition printed by the American Baptist Mission Press in Maulmain, Burma. The German Bible is a 19th Century printing of Luther’s reformation translation. A highlight of the special display will be one of the latest translations of the Bible by the Wycliffe Bible Translators, a Bible in Konkomba, a language spoken by 450,000 people in Ghana and Togo.

For this 10-day period, the exhibition will also feature one of the earliest printings of the 10 Commandments in English from 1523.

The Ink & Blood exhibition is open daily at the Old Knoxville Convention Center below the Holiday Inn Select Downtown.  Adult tickets are $15.00.  Matinee, senior citizen and student tickets are $12.00.  Children 8 – 18 are $8.00; and children under the age of 8 are free. 

Noah says that the exhibit provides an educational and entertaining activity for school groups, church groups, families and clubs, and group rates are available.  For more information or to order tickets, call 1-877-33BIBLE.